What I like about chewtle

Chewtle is one of my favorite pokemon, with its gigantic head and adorable buck teeth, I just love it. Most people say its wierd and looks like bootleg squirtle. But personally, I think this Pokemon is one of a kind and adorable.

The Chewtle Story

Chewt woke to the sound of footsteps in the distance. "Darn!" he thought. He had been having a very good dream. In it he had started to- Thump! Thump! Thump! More footsteps. Chewt backed into his patch of grass and quite recklessly jumped to see what was making all the racket. To his suprise he found it! A hatenna aproched with a trainer behind it "Ok Lapis its time to add a new member to are team!"Chewt didnt make a sound as he fell hoping for them not to notice him untill he decided. Im going to go face them, he took a deep breath, and ran out of the grass toward the trainer. "Woah" said the trainer stareing at the Chewtle "lapis here!" the little hatenna trotted over "Is that? Could it be?" said the trainer gasping "Chewtle?" Chewt was confused by this. No one ever appreciated him they just said he looked like a fake, a bootleg sqiurtle his heart filled with joy and walked toward the trainer. The trainer held out a pokeball with a little chewtle drawing on it "I always wanted a chewtle like you, will you join me?" Chewt bunted her hand and then the pokeball. "Hi Im Cupcake! And what will i name you?"